Pudge faucet
Hook your coin, the XLR coin!
Faucet balance: 0.00010072 XLR
Enter your XLR adress

Pudge faucet is a gaming faucet that gives your some XLR (Solaris) amount just for playing simple game.

Put your XLR adress in the form on screen top to start

XLR is a new promising coin with permanent development and great community support.

You can get from 0.001 to 0.007 XLR every hour!
How to play
To start you should log in by enter your XLR adress in the screen top form. After that pass the captcha.
There will be 5 boxes to choose. 4 of them give you reward from 0.001 to 0.0035 XLR.
In one box there is hidden a rival. Once you hooked him will be started a battle.
Chance of win depends on rival and your level and abilities, if you win you get maximum reward 0.007 XLR (on defeat you get minimal reward 0.001 XLR)

For getting reward from a box you get 10% of experience to next level, for winning a battle you get 30%. Once you get new level you can upgrade one of abilities.

The next time you can play after an hour. The 4-th ability of Pudge can descrease this interval.

Please note that you can disable audio at the top-right corner of the screen.

Strong warrior that can easily kill the Pudge.
Pudge base win chance: 40%

The mage that burns everything.
Pudge base win chance: 50%

Ice maiden with spells of freeze
Pudge base win chance: 60%
The first Pudge's ability "Meat Hook" affects on claim reward. Best hook - more reward. Level 1: base reward. Level 2: +10% bonus. Level 3: +20% bonus. Level 4: +30% bonus.

Second ability "Rot" increases your chance to kill a rival. Level 1: +3% chance. Level 2: +6% chance. Level 3: +9% chance. Level 4: +12% chance.

Third ability "Heap of meat" adds to Pudge the resistence to captcha. Upgrading this ability you will have a chance to avoid the captcha and play without captcha entering. Level 1: 10% avoid chance. Level 2: 20% avoid chance. Level 3: 30% avoid chance. Level 4: 40% avoid chance.

The last ability "Dismember" can be learned from level 6. It increases even more your chance to kill a rival, besides of it on winning a battle you will have lower interval until next playing. Level 1: +4% kill chance. -10 minutes interval. Level 2: +8% kill chance. -20 minutes interval. Level 3: +12% kill chance. -30 minutes interval.

Every box with reward with 15% chance contains an item. Getting item you can take it or sell immediately for 0.001. You can carry on up to 2 items. You can sell your items at any time. Please note: effect from 2 same items doesn't stack.
XLR coin info
XLR coin was launched at March 2017 like coin for fast payments. It has low premine and good technical characteristics:
- block time 2 min
- nist5 algorithm (ASIS-resistant)
- block reward ~3.8 XLR that means low coin supply
- PoS for adittional protection of network.

These days coin developers work on adding a funcionality of masternodes. It is new modern feature of cryptocurrency that surely will make XLR more popular.

Currently XLR coin has a great community support and developers, it was added to several exchangers. Very likely the XLR coin will rise to level of such coins like Monero, ZCash, DASH, so it would be good to start to collect this coin now!

XLR has already large mining difficulity so you have to mine using GPU and use a pool.
More simple pool for XLR is cryptohub.online that currently has 0% fee.
XLR has nist5 algorithm so you need ccminer (for nvidia gpu) or cgminer (for radeon gpu).
XLR is already added on several exchangers and best of them is Cryptopia. The developers of XLR currently trying to add the coin to Bittrex, but currently it is not approved yet.